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Michigan High School Skating

Michigan High School Skating

Introduced in 1999, and continuing to grow every year, the Michigan High School Skating series offers great opportunities for skaters to participate in team sports and to be part of their school's athletic program. Starting with 10 teams and a single competition in 1999, we now field an annual roster of 40+ teams. The 2020 and 2021 seasons have brought unique challenges, with 2021 offering a reduced slate of Covid-safe competitions.

State Championships Info
Location The Laura Maki Michigan Figure Skating State Championship competition for 2022 will be held at Kensington Valley Ice House ( 10540 Citation Dr; Brighton MI 48116) on Mar 26-27 2022
Practice Ice Info about Practice Ice Signup: You will sign up for practice ice before Friday March 25, 2022 at 10:00pm. Please bring cash the morning of and turn into the practice ice monitor that will be in the lobby in front of the trophy case. You will receive a paid slip that you will need to give the ice monitor at the door before stepping on the ice. No Music will be played on FS Ice (High, Low or open sessions), on the dance sessions we will play each level (Low dance - prelim, pre bronze, bronze, and pre silver: High Dance - silver, pre gold and gold). Contact Amanda Goetz at amandajgoetz@gmail.com with questions
Practice Ice Practice Ice Signup link
Music Upload Music Upload link
Event Changes TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE WE HAVE NOW CAPTURED AND POSTED ALL SKATER EVENT CHANGES. If you have contacted someone on the committee to indicate the need for a correction please check the schedule to verify that it has been posted. If there are any discrepancies please contact DON KORTE at dnkorte@gmail.com
Series Documents
Announcement 2022 District Comps Announcement
Announcement 2022 State Championships Announcement (rev 1/25)
Entry and Payment Deadlines
Nov 1 2021 Team Entry Form & Deposit Due
Nov 1 2021 Regular Season Fees Due
Feb 14 2022 State Champs Entry & Fees Due (Indiv)
Mar 1 2022 State Champs Entry & Fees Due (Team)
2022 District Comps Schedule
Dec 07 2021 (Tue) D5Dearborn (results)
Dec 07 2021 (Tue) Dearborn (results)
Dec 08 2021 (Wed) Royal Oak (results)
Dec 08 2021 (Wed) D6Royal Oak (results)
Dec 11 2021 (Sat) D4Bay City (results)
Dec 11 2021 (Sat) Bay City (results)
Dec 12 2021 (Sun) Adrian (results)
Dec 12 2021 (Sun) D3Adrian (results)
Dec 13 2021 (Mon) Farmington Hills (results)
Dec 13 2021 (Mon) D1Farmington Hills (results)
Dec 15 2021 (Wed) D2Southgate (results)
Dec 15 2021 (Wed) Southgate (results)
Jan 17 2022 (Mon) Farmington Hills (results)
Jan 17 2022 (Mon) D1Farmington Hills (results)
Jan 18 2022 (Tue) Wyandotte (results)
Jan 18 2022 (Tue) D2Wyandotte (results)
Jan 19 2022 (Wed) Macomb (results)
Jan 19 2022 (Wed) D5Macomb (results)
Jan 20 2022 (Thu) Bloomfield Hills (results)
Jan 20 2022 (Thu) D6Bloomfield Hills (results)
Jan 22 2022 (Sat) Alpena (results)
Jan 22 2022 (Sat) D4Alpena (results)
Jan 23 2022 (Sun) D3Howell (results)
Jan 23 2022 (Sun) Howell (results)
Feb 03 2022 (Thu) Dearborn (results)
Feb 03 2022 (Thu) D5Dearborn (results)
Feb 09 2022 (Wed) Southgate (results)
Feb 09 2022 (Wed) D2Southgate (results)
Feb 13 2022 (Sun) D3Hartland (results)
Feb 13 2022 (Sun) Hartland (results)
Feb 17 2022 (Thu) Rochester
Feb 17 2022 (Thu) D6Rochester
Feb 19 2022 (Sat) Mt Pleasant (results)
Feb 19 2022 (Sat) D4Mt Pleasant (results)
Feb 20 2022 (Sun) D1Livonia (results)
Feb 20 2022 (Sun) Livonia (results)

Results and Season Points Standings

About the Series

High School Figure Skaters in Michigan compete in 6 Districts, each composed of 6-12 teams. Each school may field any or all of "A", "B", and "C" level teams, which compete separately. The "A" teams have the most difficult elements, "C" teams have the least difficult. Teams participate in 3 initial-round competitions within their own District, then the victors from each district meet in a final State Championship Competition in March.

The initial-round competitions in each district are Team Compulsory competitions. At these competitions, there are 3 events at each level - a Jumps event, a Spins event, and a Moves event. Each event has 4 "elements" - elements are performed by a single skater from each team, in team rotation. Each competition lasts about 4 hours, and teams compete against other teams within their own district to earn a position in the State Championship competition.

The 2-day State Championship offers a final Team event in the same format as described above. It also offers a large variety of "Individual" events such as freeskating, dance, and showcase which allow skaters to earn State Individual medals.

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